Why Hire a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce seems easy and straightforward, but there are still issues to be worked out. Division of property, spousal support, and any applicable child support have to be determined. If a spouse owns a business, it has to be valuated to establish total worth. An experienced Divorce Lawyer Cumming will work to protect the assets, interests, and future of the client.

Emotions Are High

Whether a divorce is uncontested, high-conflict, or somewhere in between, all parties involved are dealing with a wide range of emotional responses and stress. Anger, disappointment, fear, rejection, failure, confusion, sadness, and even relief may be happening all at once. That is not the time to be making decisions that will continue to effect the future, or reviewing legal paperwork alone. The lawyer is a professional, has handled hundreds of divorces, and is not clouded by emotions.

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A consultation with a lawyer may be all that is needed when a divorce is simple and amicable. The time it takes and any fee that may be charged is well worth the investment. The lawyer will read the legal documents, explain them in plain English, and answer any questions you may have. Recommendations for changes will be offered if any are needed, and you can feel confident and secure signing the divorce papers.

Other Areas of Practice

Firms with multiple lawyers often have other areas of practice. One professional may be experienced in family law, while another may have years of experience in business or criminal law. That situation is to the advantage of all the clients who utilize that firm. Having DUI Lawyers Cumming work in the same firm that handled a divorce or business acquisition is comforting to clients.

In legal situations, people are more at ease seeking help at a firm with which they are familiar. The lawyer may not be the same in the next problem or issue, but the professionalism and efficient processes will be the same. Do not hesitate to seek the help of a lawyer, even if everyone around is saying it is not necessary. Protecting your interests and providing guidance through any legal process is always necessary.